I have a natural instinct to fight for things.  Whether it's social injustice, fair treatment, getting paid for a job, or defending someone I love, I have no problem digging in and holding my ground for a good cause.

While this might be a seemingly noble quality, it is also exhausting.  Those of you out there who share this personality trait know exactly what I am talking about.  Life is FULL of problems and "good causes" that cross our path on a daily basis.  How do you navigate the endless sea of problems without wearing yourself out in the process?  It's not easy to decide.  But it's something I am getting better at.

Not every battle we face is worth fighting.  And some, quite frankly, can't be won anyways.  They just wear us out.

And the problem with fighting EVERY SINGLE THING that comes along, is that when a really worthwhile problem hits us, we have no energy left to deal with it.

It takes wisdom to decide which battles are worth fighting.  We need to pick our fights, and not let our fights pick us.

It comes down to this:  Understanding your priorities. 

This is what I have learned at least, in my spiritual journey. I have discovered that God actually does give us some wisdom on this.  When it comes to defending the innocent or doing what is right, battles involving character and integrity . .  these battles are usually worth hanging in for.  But many times we wear ourselves out fighting for things that are not so noble, coming from our own issues with pride or insecurity; like fighting to "be right" in an argument, fighting for a relationship even when we know it's toxic for us, or fighting to get ahead at the expense of  hurting other people. THESE types of battles are best fought with a white flag and an exit strategy.  They DO NOT create the life we were meant to live or the character God wants us to have.

If you are worn out today, I challenge you to reflect on what you are spending your energy fighting for.  Is it truly worth it? Is it the right kind of battle?  Is it making you into the person you were created to be?  We can't win every war in life.  All we can do is make sure we save our energy for the ones that matter. Choose well so you can win THOSE battles.