We listen to other people a lot.  It's funny how we can have such a strong opinion about something and than, after one conversation, begin to doubt ourselves.  This is not always a bad thing . .  if you are surrounded by people who share your integrity, faith, and morality.  What messes us up is when the people who are close to us, poison our souls with their misguided opinions and ideas.   We don't talk much about guarding our heart in this world we live in.  We even hear people say that everyone has a RIGHT to their opinion or ideas.  While that may be true, we need to be careful WHO'S opinions and ideas we are letting into our souls.

Not everyone who is close to you has the right to speak into your life.   Choosing the right friends is important.  And recognizing the wrong friends is also important.  Every once in a while it's good to take a "FRIENDINTORY".  Check out who you have on your "Favorites list" in that phone and ask yourself some honest questions:

 Is this someone I admire and respect ?  Do they have my back when things are a mess?  Is this a genuine friend or a user?  Can I trust them?  Do we share the same moral fiber?  Is this friendship making me better or weaker?

                            WHO we are listening too has a huge impact on our destiny.

So many people mess up there lives all because they started hanging out with the wrong people.  Finding REAL friends isn't easy but worth the effort. And don't forget to put yourself under the same microscope.  We tend to attract what we put out there. If you want to have genuine people around you, than be a genuine person yourself.  The right friends can make us or break us.  It just depends on who we choose to let in . .  and who we keep out.

                              " Do not be misled.  Bad company corrupts good character"

 "Though one can be overpowered, two can defend themselves.  And a cord of three strands is     not quickly broken"