I'd like to think I am a forgiving person, but truth be told,  there is always some sort of "situation" that sort of "comes up" . . showing me there are definitely some things I am"not quite over".   I think sometimes we underestimate the affect holding a grudge might have on us.  In a recent interview with a top cardiologist from the mayo clinic, the doctor being interviewed stated that in a recent study the clinic had done, they actually found that people who had truly forgiven those who had hurt them actually LIVED LONGER and were in better cardiovascular health. Wow.

We do all these crazy things to stay healthy these days from juicing, to herbal remedies, to extreme workout plans ( which I myself am guilty ).  Who knew forgiveness should be on the list next to Kale?

One thing I have learned in my own journey, is what forgiveness is NOT.  Forgiveness is NOT about ignoring something hurtful.  It is NOT saying that what happened was ok. It is choosing to let it go. Not for the sake of the person who hurt you, but for YOUR sake.  It is for YOUR benefit, simple as that.   Bitterness is a cancer. It spreads itself thru our soul.  It can also wreck our GOOD relationships, as it tends to punish the innocent, instead of the guilty.

This year, let bygones be bygones . .  for real.  Set yourself free.  Just forgive.

                        " Above all love each other, because love covers a multitude a sins"