Time for this . . .

The scariest risks we take in life seem to be the ones that involve our hearts.  You can't always control who you love or who loves you.  This makes moving on and letting go harder than we would like.  There are moments it hardly seems worth the effort to put yourself out there when you know the potential will always be there . . for someone to leave.  

I wrote "Time for This" about a single moment.  That moment when you feel like you wasted so much effort on a relationship . .only to lose in the end.  Pain and heartbreak can take down the strongest among us if we let it.  We go back and forth between moving on and looking back. .  until we humbly realize that even when you lose something you wanted, time keeps moving whether we like it or not.

But for every dark moment time forces us to walk thru, it also heals us with the future it wants to usher in. . if we let it, if we keep moving forward with faith. 

Produced by Gerard Smerek & Susan Calloway

Piano & Vocals - Susan Calloway

Cello - Sarah Cleveland

Recorded & Mixed by Gerard Smerek

Violin & Viola - Sonia Lee

Written by Susan Calloway

C. 2014 BMI Wasabi Music Publishing